KhoomPenJun Bed & Breakfast

The many entrances into the Kingdom of Siam bring the traveler at once into all the richness and variety of a tropical paradise. For centuries the amazing sights, sounds and color of Siam (present day Thailand) have mesmerized travelers from all around the world. Many times in the past, foreign visitors and dignitaries were invited to “ THE LAND OF SMILES”, a place which was also called “ THE VENICE OF THE EAST”.

Merchants from all corners of the globe would come marvel at this great kingdom and share stories of a prosperous empire whose people were hospitable and highly cultured. Beginning as far back as the early 1400’s every nationality from the Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, French, and British came to explore or trade in the great kingdom of Siam.

Similarly, we invite you to step into the world of the KhoomPenJun Bed & Breakfast, where we have created an environment reflective of the old Kingdom of Siam. Every room represents a Period in the history of Siam.