Luxury Bed & Breakfast in the style of Ancient Thailand.                             Welcome to a Thai home.



Deluxe Room


This luxurious room feature a king size bed next to the large gorgeous with rich silk drapes. The deluxe room has been tastefully decorated with Thai artwork on its walls and has a beautiful light golden stained wood. Room size : 269 sq.

Superior Room


This elegant room features a queen size bed with a large magnificent custom made headboard made in Thailand. The outstanding superior room has a darker stained floor with photographs of Thailand history gracing it walls. Room size: 183 sq.

Common Areas


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Each guest room is designed to present one period of Thai history. Photographs, artwork and unusual artwork create the environment of that period in the long history off Siam(Thailand). Every room features a new extremely comfortable bed. Tiffany lamps, mirror, gorgeous wood floor, and tasteful decor.